In this class, students are active players in their educational game. Each player creates an avatar that can be upgraded as they unlock features by mastering skills and levels. The TEKS in our state standards are the levels. Each day, students rotate through activities and learning using integrated technology and gain the skills they need to face the ultimate challenge of demonstrating a level of mastery on the TEKS. This is the Boss Level. Students utilize Web 2.0 tools to learn and demonstrate learning. Students earn and collect badges that are displayed on their wikispace page. The idea is that kids spend as much time playing games as a part time job (sometimes more) because they are willing to fail 80% of the time because they are confident with more game play and harder work, they will succeed in beating the level or the game. I want my students to feel that drive in class. The research from Dr. Jane McGonical, author of Reality is Broken, is the inspiration behind this innovative experiment of classroom structure and delivery of curriculum. It is the creative and innovative use of technology that truly makes this a "game changer" for students. logotfc.jpgavatar.jpgfearlessheader.jpg